Man Playing Piano Amid Barcelona Riots Captures Spirit of 2020

The whole world may be collapsing, but just like the center of a Hurricane, the wise man or wise woman doesn’t move one bit. This wise man in question is pianist Peter William Geddes aka: @pianolitopeter. He plays his piano throughout public spaces.

Amid the bangs and wailing sirens of Barcelona’s protests against the coronavirus curfew, a solo pianist plays. This footage of a pianist playing ‘Eternal Flame’ while riots unfold in the background has gone viral on social media. Barcelona’s protests began over the weekend when the Spanish government implemented a nationwide curfew in an attempt to gain control of the coronavirus and declared a six-month state of emergency.

Author and radio host, Ciara King, shared a video in which busker Peter William Geddes plays his electric keyboard amid the city’s riots.

“Curfew in Barcelona last night,” King wrote on Twitter. “The juxtaposition of the man on the piano playing ‘Eternal Flame’ by The Bangles and the scene unfolding behind them is quite something.

As the music plays, chaos ensues in the background. Explosions and sirens are going off, as some people appear to be running away from police vehicles, while one man throws a missile at one of the vans (watch below).




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