LP’s new Single “How Low Can You Go” was a Wild Ride!

The singer-songwriter LP released “How Low Can You Go” just a month ago and it’s already climbing up the charts. The song reflects the conflicting emotions born of nighttime adventure, self-exploration and the roller coaster of love.

Just like every artist this year, Laura Pergolizzi (LP) has pivoted to bring her music to her fans and supporters during challenging times, through every platform there is. We caught up with her on Videos 2Go to learn all about the journey through what and who inspired her latest hit.

“When I’m writing and creating songs, the biggest thing I try is to stay open and clear the channel between my heart and my mouth so I can get right there and it’s interesting, I can feel what I’m doing,” LP told LATV. “It’s a personal journey. You and only you can feel and it’s tough to explain.”

Photo Via: Instagram/LPOfficial

Vulnerability is big for LP and when it comes to writing hit songs, she believes there’s no specific formula. “A song once it’s out there, it’s got its own journey also, but you just never know. If you could create a hit song when you write a song, everybody would do it,” she says.

The video for “How Low Can You Go,” directed by Eric Maldin who has also created audiovisual material for artists such as Travis Scott and Gorgon City, is a sneak peek at LP’s next album. 

Watch the full interview for her latest inspirations, her thoughts on the state of live music, and the story behind the mind-bending music video, which makes its Latin premiere only on Videos 2 Go.



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