Leo Messi next to Maradona wering newells jersey
Leo Messi next to Maradona wering newells jersey

Lionel Messi Honors Diego Maradona With Wondergoal

Lionel Messi honors the late Diego Maradona with a wondergoal against Osasuna during their 4-0 win. Messi paid tribute wearing his most prized possession, Maradona’s Newells Old Boys #10 jersey. The touching tribute honors not just the life of Maradona, but the connection between the two. In a little known fact, when Maradona had his debut with Newells in Argentina, they brought on a 6-year-old boy to show off some dribbling and juggling skills… that 6-year-old was Leo Messi.


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Considered one of the greatest players of all time, Argentine footballer Diego Maradona has passed away at the age of 60 due to a heart attack. The legendary player’s death comes as shock, despite undergoing brain surgery in early November.

Diego had a career that is unparalleled in football, becoming an icon of the sport and in popular culture. His crowning achievements include leading his home country to win the World Cup in 1986, a miraculous goal he dubbed “The Hand of God,” and what many fans consider the goal of the century in a win against England. He also had successful tenures playing for clubs Barcelona and Napoli.




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