latinx heritage month
latinx heritage month

Let’s Get Latinx Loud Movement

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

This month marks the month in which all eyes are on nuestra cultura. We do that every day here at LATV, but from September 15 to October 15, we’ll be celebrating some of the most important stories about Latinos doing great things, redefining culture, and excelling in their fields to move our community forward.  

*plays “Let’s Get Loud” by Jennifer López*

Let’s start by highlighting women who stand up for each other. We came across a new movement that was born to see more representation of Latinx Women in the mainstream media. 

Led by E! News journalist Lilliana Vasquez, Let’s Get LatinX Loud was created after the controversy sparked by the Mexican edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine, which featured an influencer that “doesn’t represent the Latino community,” right in time for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Through the hashtag #LetsGetLatinxLoud, women from all walks of life shared their stories and their own reasons why it’s so important to see themselves on covers of magazines like Cosmo. 

Here are some of the statements from the participants.

“Representation is inspiration. It empowers us to challenge the boundaries of what we thought was possible and re-imagine our futures. When the media creates space for our stories, our success has no limits.” -Lilliana Vasquez 

“Representation matters to the little brown girl with curly/kinky hair reading your magazines. Add some variety of Latinx women and readership will skyrocket! We understand you have freedom of speech and press, but if you aren’t going to be the voice for the ones who can’t speak, then who will?” -Sherly Tavarez

“We just need to open our hearts and our eyes more and not always accept the diversity being represented as genuine. If we demand more, then more will be supplied from brands and companies. That’s just the way the market works.” 

Some of the women and men who are taking part in the challenge are Latinos who have launched their business from scratch (and are thriving during COVID-19) plus, hustling every day to make their dreams come true while serving our community. So, being represented in television, magazines, and overall media is essential to our success.

If you want to join the movement, make sure you follow the hashtag on social media and continue to celebrando nuestras voces.



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