Lebanese flag projected on the pyramids of Giza
Lebanese flag projected on the pyramids of Giza

UPDATED: Lebanese Flag Projected on Pyramids of Giza

The pyramids in Egypt lit up with projections fo the Lebanese flag after the horrific explosion in Lebanon that so far has killed dozens of people.

UPDATE: This piece of widely spread news was found to be based on a doctored image. Read below to see more on the real story.


“Street” or urban art is something we love to celebrate, and incorporating projectors as a means of amplifying art without disrupting priceless structures is something we can all get behind. The show of solidarity on the pyramids is thanks to the effort of the Egyptian Tourism and Antiquities Ministry who lit up the ancient pyramids in a show of support for the terrible tragedy in Beirut. This is one of the many ways the Egyptian government has promised to support Lebanon. An outpouring of support has come in from nations around the world who all caught the terrible explosion on their social feeds.

At home, the US secretary of state Mike Pompeo took to Twitter to offer condolences for Beirut.

Updates on the cause of the chemical warehouse explosion are still coming and local residents are being advised to leave the area if possible.

If you want to help the crisi in Beirut, GQ Australia has put together a list of 7 ways to help the recovery effort. 

To see more on the transformative power of art watch LatiNation’s documentary about the “Muro De La Hermandad”



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