LATV’s Fall Lineup Includes Diversity, Latina Empowerment, and LGBTQ Visibility

Hollywood continues to struggle with inclusion and diversity, but things are different at LATV where creating in-culture content has been the business model for well over a decade. This fall LATV is rolling out a full slate of Latinx Millennial programming, on LATV broadcast and newly refreshed digital platforms, that is exactly what this new multicultural generation wants to see on their screen. The week of September 23, 2019 LATV kicks off its fall lineup of multi-platform in-culture programming with new and returning series featuring diversity, Latina empowerment, and LGBTQ visibility.

During premiere week, LATV’s influencer-driven content will include special guests from popular Latinx series such as, Mayans M.C(FX), Pose (FX), Mr. Iglesias (Netflix) and La Casa De Las Flores / The House of Flowers (Netflix). This programming will be complemented by content from LATV’s Hispanic Heritage month campaign “History by Us” celebrating the history being made by Hispanic Millennials.

LATV’s new fall lineup includes:

  • The Hub on LATV, a magazine show on the pulse of pop culture that is powered by breaking social media trends
  • The Q Agenda, a talk show centered around the intersectionality of LGBTQ+ culture in our Latinx community
  • Checkitow, a podcast-first series, where comedian and host Humberto Guida talks to the funniest A-Listers in Latino comedy and entertainment
  • Jefa Status, hosted by Lucy Flores, an intimate conversation between two accomplished Latina entrepreneurs
  • And new returning seasons of The Zoo, Get it Girland ELZ

Alongside LATV’s original programming, the network will also be releasing new digital short series such as Esa Soy Yo, a female reaffirmation series; W.Y.K.A (What You Know About), a Latino history edutainment series as well as Ch

eckitow and Jefa Status.

Gabriel Iglesias chats with Humberto Guida on Checkitow

View the full Fall Programming press release here: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/latv-networks-unveils-its-new-fall-lineup-of-in-culture-latinx-content-for-millennials-300921443.html


LATV is more than a media company, it is a direct link to the growing voice of the Latino experience.  As the original alternative, and only remaining Latino-owned TV network in the Hispanic Television space, LATV has established itself as a pioneering network, a trendsetting brand, and an innovative content hub. For more information visit www.LATV.com




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