Best of LatiNation 2020 episodes
Best of LatiNation 2020 episodes

LATV Presents: The Best of LatiNation 2020

This has been a harrowing year for many, but in 2020 LatiNation returned to LATV with a bold new look and direction. From embedded documentaries to provocative short films, LatiNation set the tone for raw, real, Latinx-led stories that you cannot see anywhere else. Below we present a special, Best of LatiNation 2020 episode, where we show you some of the most hype clips from this past landmark season.

Kicking off the special episode is an award-winning investigative report on U.S. military veterans who were deported across the border, led by “Banished Veteran” Hector Barajas. We also take you inside the worlds and minds of street art and calligraphy legend Big Sleeps, cholo goth pioneers Prayers, and Miami’s electro-duo Afrobeta and their transformational trip back to Cuba.

This episode is a celebration of our community, our talent, our stories, and our nation – and it can only be seen right here on LATV.



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