Latinx Vaporwave
Latinx Vaporwave

Latinx Vaporwave Artists Define Internet Music Scene

Vaporwave has become a lot more than just slowed down ’80s music. Over the years, the indie genre has blended with any trend in music to cover every facet of ’80s aesthetics, vogue fashion, and early internet nostalgia. With so many fans of the genre also being producers and new sub-genres constantly being created, it can be difficult for even the most dedicated fans to keep up.

What often gets lost in the virtual whirlpool of new music is the contributions that Latinx artists have made in shaping that sound. OG record labels like No Problema Tapes, and labels dedicated to Hispanic producers like Eternal Vibes show that Latinx artists are in the very fabric of vaporwave’s toga. Without them, our virtual utopia would be far less…

…a e s t h e t i c.

In alphabetical order, these are the Latinx artists that are pushing vaporwave to new limits.

A F T E R N O O N  W A L K

Out of Santiago, Chile is A F T E R N O O N  W A L K. Their chopped and screwed album, Forever In My Heart is an ambitious piece that becomes more interesting with each subsequent track.


Named after the great reptilian philosopher, A R I S T U R T L E of Hermosillo, Mexico specializes in lofi synthwave tunes. Listen to their recent album Sex Technology and try not to become completely infatuated with their sound.


BABEFAKE’S music has that trademark late-night lofi sound with occasional slushwave stylings. The album below is like listening to smooth jazz on VHS.


Though no longer making vaporwave, bbrainz has left a lasting impression on the scene and the artist’s records continue to sell out upon rerelease. Their album internet lust is a certified classic.


Argentinian vaporwave is in good hands with cyberlust. The artist is proficient in classic-style and vaporfunk, but their album house of style has a heavy beat that’s uniquely their own.


Looking at his discography, it’s clear that eccodroid draws inspiration from all corners vaporwave. The Argentinian producer is always pushing his hypnagogic pop sound, even combining it with genres like mallsoft and climatewave. Also, he deserves a shout out for helping put this list together!

Jesse Cassettes

Hailing from Chihuahua, Mexico, Jesse Cassettes puts out the cleanest sounding nudisco. Listening to their sugary club tracks proves that more future funk should be en español.


Guatemalan artist LIFE2979光 creates lucid, ambient dreampunk pieces that are ingrained with the influence of their culture. The album Neo​-​Xelajú combines marimba, classic Guatemalan songs like Luna de Xelajú, and futuristic stylings.

Lila Tirando a Violeta

Having been featured on some of the scene’s most influential labels such as Dream Catalogue and Sunset Recordings, Lila Tirando a Violeta is a creative force with an ever-evolving sound. The Uruguayan artist is also half of the hyperpop duo A.M.I.G.A, and has a new album titled Limerencia out August 21st.

Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza

From Rio De Janeiro, artist Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza creates aesthetic worlds that are as ambitious as they are immensely enjoyable. LVP has shown there isn’t a genre they can’t do, as they’ve released everything from late-night lofi bangers to mallsoft. Their album Nordwrong imagines observing the inevitable destruction of climate change from the comfort of a cocktail lounge.


One of the most popular artists in the sub-genre of future funk, MACROSS 82-99 travels the world performing with the #SAILORTEAM of Neoncity Records. His music makes you feel like you’re living in your favorite anime.

(Yes, there’s a Yoshi sample in there.)

Skule Toyama

Skule has had fans dancing ever since their release of Toyama’s Love Island on My Pet Flamingo. Their discography is filled with fun, high energy jams for any future funk fan.

Trademarks & Copyrights

If you browsed the catalog of any vaporwave label on bandcamp, chances are you’ve seen Trademarks & Copyrights. The highly prolific artist out of Argentina retains a wide variety of eccojams and lounge-style vaporwave.


Artist trushinitas’ music is from a dimension far more groovy and a e s t h e t i c than the one we live in. They’re releasing some of the best vaporfunk in the game out of Mexico City.


If you are looking for fresh sounding French house…I mean future funk beats, look no further than Vercetti. No matter what you call it, the artist out of Argentina has no shortage of upbeat tracks.


VHS LOGOS out of Brazil has that blend of lofi, slow jam, classic-style vaporwave that you can’t have too much of. Their album Mantra is perfect for a beachside drive at sunset.

Windows 96

Perhaps one of the most listened to artists in all of vaporwave, Windows 96’s smooth synth-filled tracks are iconic amongst fans. From Brazilian producer Gabriel Eduardo, their album 100 Mornings has racked up millions of streams across Spotify and Vapor Memory’s Youtube, and just had a special rerelease on 100% Electronica with bonus tracks.


Producing nudisco tracks as Z.E.R.O and dreampunk under 暗闇DESTINY, this São Paulo artist has something for fans on both sides of the vaporwave spectrum.



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