computer monitor displaying code
computer monitor displaying code

Latinx Tech CEO Gives Back to Her Community

Irma Olguin has always kept close to her roots. The CEO of tech startup Bitwise Industries has leveraged her success so she can teach people how to code in her hometown of Fresno, CA.

In an article written by Ruth Umoh of Forbes Magazine, Olguin’s journey joins other Latinx stories in which hard work pays off, such as actress Dascha Polanco and comedian Gina Brillon. Having co-founded Bitwise Industries, Olguin helped create an educational branch called Geekwise Industries where students can learn to code and get connected with employment in the cut throat tech industry. Financial aid is emphasized at Geekwise Academy as students, which includes those with criminal records and veterans, can receive tuition assistance through a variety of programs.

If you have any interest in coding, tech, or Latinx helping out others we definitely recommend you check it out!



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