LatinX CryptoCurrency Company Changes the Game

LatinX led cryptocurrency and blockchain technology company Uulala is making waves in the alternative banking scene. Helmed by CEO and rising tech mogul Oscar Garcia, Uulala has assembled an amazing team of diverse executives (many of whom are of LatinX descent) and secured financial services along with distribution partnerships, all while raising millions of dollars from crowdfunding sources.

An avid entrepreneur, Garcia started his career at age 18 when he began innovating new technology for Ford Motor dealerships across the country. Fast forward to April 2018, and Uulala had already begun signing up customers for its financial services platform and mobile app; a sophisticated technology platform to empower millions of users and small businesses around the world “Uulala, with its blockchain technology, is the future of banking,” says Oscar Garcia.

For more on Oscar’s incredible journey, check out the profile segment we aired on LatiNation:




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