Mando Fresko and Never Made standing side by side
Mando Fresko and Never Made standing side by side

Latino Power Fueled by Creativity: Francisco Reyes Jr., and Mando Fresko 

Never made standing with Mando Fresko with masks onA clash of creative SELA artists went down at LATV studios when entrepreneur and media personality Mando Fresko @mandofresko hosted a conversation with Francisco Reyes Jr., the creative visionary behind the subversive brand and alias Never Made. Behind the scenes, the two Latino artists, who had never met in person before, instantly vibed over their collective personal stories of growing up all over southeast LA. The LA barrio that has yet to receive the credit it deserves as a breeding ground for genuine artistic expression, even though recently it’s been featured on the Netflix projects such as The Tax Collector, and Gentefeid. Mando, the man behind Hubwav, and Never Made are proving the SELA grounds are fertile for culture-defining creatives.

Included in the conversation were Latino power and the strength of our collective voice. The exclusive video features their candid conversation on their motivations behind being politically active and engaged. Mando reflected on his parent’s journey to citizenship and Never Made’s recounted the climate that made him want to be more involved when he first became civically engaged. 

Never Made francisco Reyes Jr.
Photo by Robby Henry

Most importantly, the conversation gave us insight into the creative force fueling Never Made’s iconic and often subversive visuals. A few of his selections are featured within a gallery that can be explored virtually and also has the artwork of his peers such as Lalo Alcaraz, Steve Alfaro, Mamut, and Faviana Rodriguez among others. 

Check out the video on the encounter and make sure to visit the gallery! 




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