Latino Astronaut Jose Hernandez Talks Life In Space

Retired Latino astronaut and former migrant farm worker Jose Hernandez joins Humberto Guida to talk about his NASA training and space missions, and how that can help people adapt to self-isolation/self-quarantine during the COVID-19 shutdown.

As a NASA astronaut, he trained for 15 continuous days on a NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) mission, experienced quarantine for two weeks before his space mission, and participated in a 14-day space mission to the International Space Station (living inside tight quarters with his crew on the Space Shuttle Discovery). Now that  SpaceX is partnering with NASA to launch new flights to the Space Station domestically, look for more opportunities for Latino Americans to make their journey up there.

Hernandez grew up a migrant farmworker, traveling with his family from Mexico to California nine months out of the year to work the fields. He understands firsthand the health risks migrant farm workers encounter every day and advocates for more protections.

Check out his interview here:

A Latino Astronaut’s Journey To Space




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