LatiNation Premieres Latinx Short Film Special

The latest episode of LatiNation’s featuring short films by Latinx filmmakers including “Aho,” written and produced by LatiNation’s own Humberto Guida, co-directed with Mark Kohl, and starring The Hub on LATV’s very own Bruno Seros-Ulloa. “Aho” explores the growing world of ayahuasca by following a first timer’s journey, which does not go as planned. Also featured in the episode is the hilarious short film “Key Nuts,” by filmmaker Frank Reina, about what can happen to you when you cannot find your keys – and “Trap” (aka Hollywood Roundtable) which drops us into a panel discussion about a fictitious Trump biopic, written and directed by Alberto Belli, and produced by LATV’s Maria Brasero. Check it out below!



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