My Stock Market Workbook Cover
My Stock Market Workbook Cover

Latinas Write Kids Book to Teach Generational Wealth

Linda Garcia knows the worth of a dollar goes beyond mere face value.

The finance expert and former marketing executive built her wealth through monthly stock investments in companies like Netflix. Her daughter Elizabeth Ruiz took notice of her mom’s success, and through her brand, Grow With Color, which is aimed at low cost educational resources for children, the two released My Stock Market Workbook. In a report from the Dallas Morning News, the mother-daughter duo go into detail about their desire to break down finance stigmas and help families of color begin to build capital.

Generational wealth is a much discussed topic within the Latinx community. Building a financial base through investments can help with eventually owning a home, going to college, and many other opportunities for future generations. American Latinos are already one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but lag behind when it comes to investing in stocks.

Though it may be marketed to children, the 82 page workbook is packed with terms that can help any budding investor. Plus, who doesn’t love coloring books? Financial jargon can be boring as hell. When the time does come for the next generation to invest their money, they’ll likely be overcome with an unshakable sense of déjà vu thanks to resources like Garcia and Ruiz’s book. It may not sound like much, but chances are it’s a better entry point than their parents had. We won’t blame mom and pops for taking notes over little Susie’s shoulder while she draws outside the lines of a high yield savings account.

Elizabeth has plans to produce the workbook in Spanish, and include topics such as English and sociology in future issues. If you’re a parent or you know someone in your family with kids, why not consider picking up a copy? It’s a better investment as a stocking stuffer than the floss and mouthwash your young ones never use. Perhaps by the time they need them, they can afford their own braces.

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