climate change
climate change

Latina Celebrity Moms Unite for Climate Change

Hispanic Heritage Month is about to kick off on a positive note. Latina celebrity moms are using their voices to motivate fellow Latinx madres to get to the polls in November to elect a leader who will stand up for climate change. 

The #VoteLikaAMadre campaign brings light to the candidates focusing their efforts on climate change as one of their priorities. The Latinx community is more likely to be affected by climate change since Latinos work in the industries that are deeply suffer its effects.

Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Karla Souza, Salma Hayek, and Zoe Saldana took their efforts to social media to announce the campaign. 

“Max and Emme are my world. When I think about what their lives will be like if we ignore the significant impact climate change is having on our planet, it breaks my heart,” announced Lopez on an Instagram post. “We need to do something about it and take action NOW. That’s why I’m pinky promising to #VoteLikeAMadre for candidates who believe in science and will work to protect the environment. All the madres out there, will you join me?” she asked her fans and followers.

According to the Environmental Defense Fund: “Latinos are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change because of where we live and work. More than half (55%) of Latino-Americans live in three states that are already experiencing serious effects related to climate change: historic drought in California, record-breaking heat in Texas, and increased sea level rise and flooding in Florida. Furthermore.”

“If we don’t do something now, our kids will be the ones cleaning up our mess,” said Lopez in an interview with Puerto Rican actor, director and writer, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Latina celebrities are striking again at creating change and advocating for our community. 

Longoria, on her end, has been keeping busy with her ‘She Se Puede’ movement, which also empowers Latinas to be shameless and embrace motherhood while being a working professional. 

How to take action on #VoteLikeaMadre? If you’re a parent, you can post a video or photo of you and your kids making a public promise to vote in November for the candidates you consider will be working toward climate change.



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