LA Times Building. photo by Ryan Quick
LA Times Building. photo by Ryan Quick

LA Times Journalists Demand Better Latino Representation

There’s no Los Angeles without Latinos.

It is unfortunately all too common that stories and news that affect Latino communities often go unnoticed or misrepresented by major media outlets. This can partially be attributed to the lack of Latinx representation within the workplace. The Los Angeles Times is one such place that is now facing pressure from Latinx journalists to reevaluate their hiring practices.

In an open letter, the journalists addressed the longtime paper’s history of racial disparaging, while also recognizing the contributions made by Latinx employees.

To address these grievances, the journalists formed the Latin Caucus under the LA Times Guild, following in the footsteps of their Black co-workers. In solidarity, the group has listed demands including hiring Latinos in departments with little to no representation, addressing pay disparities, increased community engagement, and ensuring upward mobility for Latino staffers.

It’s time that Latinx stories are told accurately and that Latinx people get the chance to tell them. Hopefully, the demands of the Latin Caucus are seen through so that the LA Times can better represent its namesake city.



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