julio urias
julio urias

LA Dodgers Pitcher Julio Urias, a Role Model For Us All

There are two types of people: people with a victim mentality, and people with a warrior mentality. Julio Urias belongs to the second category. If you don’t know who Julio is, you must not be paying attention to the Dodgers

Born with a benign tumor behind his left eye, Urias has battled adversity throughout his entire life to get to the position he’s in today. He has gone through 4 eye surgeries and while this would be bothersome to most, Urias never played the victim. “That’s how God works. He gave me a bad left eye but a good left arm,” he told the LA Times. Now that’s what I call an amazing outlook on life.

After a successful surgery and a quality 2015 season in the minors, things were looking up for the young Mexican pitcher. He followed up his accomplished 2015 season by making his MLB Debut on May 27th, 2016 at just 19 years of age.

Urias was well on his way to becoming the next Fernando Valenzuela when his progress came to a halt during the 2017 season. He struggled mightily in the beginning of the season for the Dodgers, forcing the club to send him down to their Triple-A affiliate in Oklahoma City, where he stumbled upon another stone in his path – maybe an even bigger one.

Urias tore his anterior capsule in his left shoulder. An injury that requires surgery and upwards of 12-14 months of recovery time, which is precious time in any sports career. Even though this type of shoulder surgery does not have the greatest success rate, Urias was optimistic from the beginning. On June 27th, 2017 after successful surgery, Urias tweeted: “The more difficult the road, God will multiply your strength and you’ll know better the victories. Never give up!” I mean…you gotta love this guy.

Every underdog story is different. While getting signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers at 19 years of age doesn’t scream “underdog,” Julio Urias has battled adversity to get to where he is today – and since the Dodgers now have their first title since 1988, it’s in big part thanks to him!



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