kobe bryant with a picture of his sneaker ptototype
kobe bryant with a picture of his sneaker ptototype

Kobe Bryant’s Lost “Mamba” Sneaker Brand Was Real

Los Angeles hero and Oscar-winning Laker legend Kobe Bryant almost released a shoe brand called “Mamba.” According to venture capitalist investor and almost certainly evil villain, Shervin Pishevar, as recent as December of 2019 Kobe met with him to discuss the project. 

Shervin told Twitter that Kobe Bryant was upset with the promotional effort put behind his new Nike sneakers and wanted to try ditching the brand and starting his own. It looks like the idea started to really take shape because Shervin even shared one of the slip-on models they worked on that came equipped with a tracker that could be linked to fitness apps. 

In Shervin’s Twitter you can see more details that this was in development and that there were big players including Usain Bolt’s manager there to witness. 

See Shervin’s tweet below.  




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