Ditch Your 9 to 5 and Start your Own Business!

Listen up, ladies! This one is for the women who are looking to break out into the entrepreneurial world.

Lissette Rios, founder, and CEO of Chic Influence, a public relations and talent management firm specializing in the new generation of beauty, lifestyle brands, and content creators, dropped lots of gems on The Pinkafé Podcast by sharing her story of moving out of the corporate world and into entrepreneurship.

We’re talking businesses run by women and when it comes to knowing your worth, Cuban-American PR executive, Lissette Rios is here to “get real” with us about how to know when it’s time to ditch your corporate job and follow the passions and dreams that move your soul.

She’s been featured in Forbes Magazine and has won numerous awards for her work. But, more than anything, we love Lissette for being a go-getter and not being shy when it comes to talking about getting compensated for your hard work. Get. Your. Money. Right.

Lissette is a first-generation Cuban-American. She shares how her parents came to the USA as refugees and started from zero in a new country. She also knows she did not have a normal upbringing as she was taught to deal with finances and customer service at a very young age. 

After working her way up the ranks into some of the top Marketing and Public Relations agencies in New York City, she decided it was time to go solo and start her own business when she found out her pay was not at the level as some of her peers. Hmm…are you surprised?

But why? Although Lissette does not believe this was a “race thing” there was still a feeling of unfairness that she had to break free from. Listen to the full episode on all of your favorite audio platforms.



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