Kanye surprises us once more by saying “He’s The Greatest Artist That God Has Created”.

Kanye is not only known for his music, his wife and for being a Trump supporter. He is also known for his humongous ego. Let’s be honest, his mom did an amazing job on having a kid with zero self-esteem issues. But she might have gone a little too far with it.

I’m sure when Pastor Joel Osteen invited him to his congregation in Houston, he didn’t expect such a bold declaration from the rapper. While the celebrity reflected about how accepting God in his life helped him during his lowest moments in life, he also claimed, without thinking it twice, that he is God’s finest creation and he added “Now, the greatest artist that God has ever created is now working for him”. And the most humble one.
That remark created a lot of social media buzz (obviously). Some people just thought “ok, he officially lost it” and his fans, on the other hand, kind of agree with him.
In any case, I rather have him say he is God’s masterpiece than “I’m running for President on 2024”. At least the first remark is harmless. You can watch the full video here:



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