Biden and Harris in front of white house
Biden and Harris in front of white house

Kamala Harris Announced as Joe Biden’s Running Mate

After months of speculation, the highly anticipated answer to who will be Joe Biden’s running mate has finally been answered. Senator Kamala Harris has been named as the Vice Presidential pick on the Democratic ticket.

Biden stated earlier this year that his choice for Vice President would be a woman, and with his decision, Harris also becomes the first Black and South Asian woman to run on a major political party’s presidential ticket. She is also only the fourth woman in history to be chosen for a national ticket.

Senator Harris has been a fast-rising candidate for the party nomination, noted particularly for her success in debates until a series of setbacks revolving around her record as Attorney General came into question. She has since been the frontrunner for the VP nomination, and today it was made official.

This story is developing – check back for updates.



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