Juanes next to blue tesla
Juanes next to blue tesla

Juanes Explains How He Accidentally Stole a Car in Miami

Last week, Juanes was busy at work in his home studio when his wife and daughter came running. Waiting at the front door were multiple armed policemen stating that Juanes was in possession of a stolen vehicle. A pretty heavy accusation that caught the rockstar completely off-guard…

If Juanes doesn’t strike you as the type to commit Grand Theft Auto, well – you’d exactly be right. As it turns out, the singer and his wife Karen Cecilia left a restaurant in what was nearly a carbon copy of the Tesla they arrived in. They later found out they were able to access the strangers car because the owner left his key inside.

The Colombian singer posted a story on his Instagram page explaining the funny misunderstanding.

Shortly after, the cars ended up in the rightful owner’s hands without the need for a trial or a car chase in a white Ferrari. Law enforcement later told Juanes that they had never seen a case like this before, but don’t expect an Aaron Sorkin adaptation anytime soon…

We got the chance to speak with Juanes earlier this year at NAAM as he performed with Los Lobos. Check it out!



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