joe biden and bernie sanders
joe biden and bernie sanders

Joe Biden Wins Illinois Primary

It was just reported by CNBC that Joe Biden has won the Illionois Democratic primary. Illinois has 155 delegates total, which amounts to the second largest number from states voting this Tuesday. It looks like Biden will take at least 61 delegates while Bernie will rake in around 37.

At a press conference yesterday, Illinois Board of Elections spokesperson Matt Dietrich told us the state had seen 504,000 early votes cast and 294,000 mail ballots sent to voters, up from 400,000 and 160,000, respectively, in 2016. Those are huge increases, and a sign that Democrats are serious about going to the polls this election season.

Interestingly, about 64% of voters said that they trust Biden more to handle any economic troubles that lay ahead, while only about 31% supported Bernie. And if analyst projections are correct, it looks like Biden will be the one fighting our current President for that responsibility. However, there is still much uncertainty about the remaining election period, and if the Democratic National Committee will even hold its convention in July as usual.

This story is developing. Check back for updates.



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