Joe Biden and El piolin smiling
Joe Biden and El piolin smiling

Joe Biden Promises Immigration Reform on “Day One”

Joe Biden promised comprehensive immigration reform on ” day one” of his administration and to secure the Dreamers (DACA recipients) that same day during an exclusive interview on El Show de Piolin.

In a refreshingly candid interview with former Vice President Joe Biden and El Piolin (a comical radio personality for Spanish language audiences) discussed a range of topics including coronavirus response, the presidential election and immigration issues.

Joe Biden’s appearance on El Show de Piolin is just another important reminder that the Latino vote is absolutely vital in the upcoming election. Also, for those of you who are curious, you can see just what to expect from the Covid-19 stimulus package here, and make sure you check out the entire interview below.

Yes, this is the world we live in: our comedic personalities are using their visibility to get some answers from prominent politicians. And we’re here for it!



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