Jesus Garcia is Instagram’s Next Latinx Star | Checkitow

Jesus Garcia is one of the most lovable Chicano sketch comedians on the internet. He is easily his tia’s favorite nephew, even though he makes fun of her. Same goes for the rest of his family, who he imitates on his various sketches and memes.

Jesus, more commonly known as @Mrchuy0123, is a Mexican-American actor and internet personality known for his family-oriented Instagram videos. Many of his videos consist of sharing his passion for tacos and expressing how it feels to be Latino. Jesus is also the founder of the @MexicansProblemas Instagram account that has over one million followers, and there is a reason for it – it’s relatable.

“I think people relate to them,” Jesus says of his videos. “I try to do videos not just for Latinos, but for a broad audience.”

When asked about where his ideas come from, Jesus says, “When I’m out and about, I get them in my head and I write them down in my notes. If it makes me laugh, it goes up. If it doesn’t make me laugh I show it to some friends, and if it doesn’t make them laugh it’s gone.”

Check out the interview below where Jesus joins me, Humberto Guida, on the latest episode of The Checkitow Podcast.




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