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Jessica Marie Garcia Image

Jessica Marie García Talks Mental Health

It’s 2020, which means it is officially the year to tap into all topics that help us grow. So, grab your tea – let’s talk about mental health.

As much as the statistics about how many Latinos seek psychological help are alarming – only 33% of Latinos with mental illnesses see a therapist – there’s some hope, we just have to start by talking about it because it can affect us most prominently in our own households. 

Think about how many individuals in Latino homes have suffered some kind of trauma due to unjust immigration policies, having to flee their country, or even having a family member being deported.

On My Block star Jessica Marie García is no stranger to this issue. She lived a horrifying reality watching her mother relive one of the traumas that still haunts her from childhood. García explained it really well in an Op-Ed for Refinery 29’s Somos vertical. 

“As I sat in my privilege, I looked over at my mother who was now both stiff and trembling,” wrote the Cuban-Mexican-American star about an instance in which her mother got pulled over by the police. She was in the car with her mom. “I had never seen her like this. This was the same woman I had only seen cry twice in my entire life. The same woman constantly tearing down misogyny in her workplace. I saw the trauma that she never spoke to me about; trauma she blanketed as ‘strength.’ She was triggered by this police officer and I already knew why.”

“There are only about 5,000 psychologists in the United States who are Hispanic, representing just 5% of all psychologists,” García writes. “Who wants to confide in someone who doesn’t understand you?”

Privacy concerns, stigma, legal status, misunderstanding, and lots of misinformation are some of the reasons why Latinos don’t seek professional advice. 

"My current team culture is amazing because we are like family to each other,” shares Cameron Martin, Mental Health…

Posted by Seneca Family of Agencies on Friday, June 12, 2020

“I know my mother would have benefited enormously if she had sought out therapy after the living nightmares she experienced during her childhood, especially the separation from her father.”

In her search for Latinx community aid, García referred her readers to the Todo Por Mi Familia’s initiative, which helps families navigate the process of finding counseling, especially for immigrant parents and children that have been separated at the U.S. border.  

Si su familia está en busca de servicios, llame a la línea gratuita y confidencial de Seneca al 844-529-3327. Para obtener más información sobre Todo Por Mi Familia, envíe un correo electrónico a [email protected].



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