Jesse Meza on Checkitow
Jesse Meza on Checkitow

Jes Meza on Strength and Beauty in Today’s Hollywood

We have had a number of strong women on the Checkitow Podcast, from comedians with a lot to say, to hip-hop/reality stars with, well…a LOT to say.  And on the latest episode of Checkitow, I welcome an actress and activist who packs a punch in more ways than one.

She is Jes Meza, co-star of the Mario Van Peebles produced A Clear Shot, out now on demand, and a veteran actress from shows including East Los High and General Hospital. Jes is of Mexican descent, born in Hahn, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany due to her father being in the Air Force. A former model (who even appeared in the first season of America’s Next Top Model), Jes also trains in various martial arts and I like to say she has a knack for playing roles that are both badass and beautiful.

We had plenty to talk about, from her issues with industry beauty standards to responsible protesting, and it’s all free and uncut below…check out Jes Meza on Checkitow!



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