james jones
james jones

James Jones Injures Knee on Children’s Toy

We all leave things lying around from time to time, but it doesn’t get much worse than what happened to James Jones. Earlier this week, the Texas Rangers pitching prospect reportedly tripped over his son’s toy while at home in Arizona and landed in the worst possible way.

It was revealed just yesterday that the former Seattle Mariners 4th-round draft pick suffered a season-ending injury – shredding the patellar tendon in his right knee. It’s quite a blow, as Jones was expected to be a top competitor for a bullpen spot on the roster once the MLB resumed play.

James has already been through Tommy John surgery, and was able to recover from that. Sadly, this will be another frustrating setback for a player who continues to get robbed of his chance to show his coaches what he can do on the mound.

Be safe out there guys, and look out below (your feet)!

On a brighter note, Kobe will be in the Class of 2020 NBA Hall of Fame:

Kobe Bryant to be Inducted into NBA Hall of Fame 2020

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