J Balvin on Fortnite stage
J Balvin on Fortnite stage

J Balvin Goes Full Gen Z in Fortnite Halloween Party

J Balvin is the Reggaeton king (of endorsement deals!)

This year alone, we’ve seen him on stage at the Super Bowl, collab on the Spongebob Movie soundtrack, and even launch his very own McDonald’s meal. The Colombian artist looks to continue his hot streak by headlining a virtual concert, in Fortnite, on Halloween. Yeah, that Fortnite.

The popular online shooter is still a force with millions of players worldwide. Epic Games continues to engage players in creative ways like virtual concerts. In 2019, popular DJ Marshmello performed digitally for millions of Fortnite gamers, and rapper Travis Scott broke game records in an online concert earlier this year. J Balvin and his small army of marketers have no doubt devised an algorithm combining Reggaeton and the flossing craze into another internet phenomenon. Not to mention that this year’s timing couldn’t be more favorable.

Pour out a white claw for our would-be trick or treaters. Halloween has been largely scaled back in 2020, with some cities banning festivities all together. Any kid that doesn’t sneak out of the house will be looking for ANYTHING to watch. J Balvin is just a David Dobrik and an underaged vape pen away from covering 99% of Zoomer culture (according to this out of touch millennial writer), which should give the star a literal captive audience.

The truth is, we’re all better off for it. Through video games we can safely hang out with friends without the need for PPE. If 95% of Americans wearing a face mask can save 100,000 lives, then the impact of free Fortnite skins would be incalculable. You can visit Epic Games website for showtimes.



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