Is Jorge Masvidal the Biggest LatinX Star in the UFC?

Jorge Masvidal has risen from the ranks of a journeyman to become one of the biggest stars in The UFC. Jorge got his start fighting in unsanctioned (illegal) backyard brawls put together under the late-great Kimbo Slice. But his outlaw fight days begana long journey towards a career in professional mixed martial arts. And today Jorge is on a winning streak and ascending towards stardom. But what we like is the fact he reps his Hispanic heritage every chance he gets. Jorge is from Cuban and Peruvian descent, but as the clip below shows, he has hella’ Mexican pride too (he shot the interview while at UFC’s recent Mexico City card). But make no mistake, this Miami-bred fighter is “not a West Coast gangster,” as a response to his next opponent, California’s Nate Diaz, to go down at November 2nd at UFC 244 in New York City.





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