In Yosemite Animals are Happier Than Ever Before

Sometimes, what’s bad for some is good for others. And even though the arrival of COVID-19 has definitely been a nightmare for humankind, it has instead been a blessing for plants, animals and mother Earth. Check out this happy couple of pandas for proof!

Buffalo in YosemiteIn Yosemite, wildlife is also experiencing happy days. Animals are coming out of hiding, as they did during previous government shutdowns of the park. The difference though, is that this park closure is expected to be the longest on record.

To put things into perspective, the bear population has quadrupled already! That means, next time you go camping bring extra food, because these bears might eat your dinner. Coyotes and bobcats, who are some of the most popular species at the park (but like to keep a low profile) are now roaming around freely.

By the way, it’s not only wild animals that are enjoying this people-free period. The few employees sheltering in place are taking advantage of the valley’s unimpeded natural wonders. Some are hiking to Mirror Lake and the falls while others enjoy the empty trails – and as of Saturday, the valley was completely free of the coronavirus! Not a bad place to be quarantined – maybe even better than the Maldives…

One of our happiest animals is Bad Bunny, see how he kept it real from the beginning in this interview with producer Young Hollywood.




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