How To Work From Home Effectively

As we all know, most people in the U.S. work 9 to 5; however, home offices are becoming more popular than ever, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic we’re facing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that 28% percent of workers like doing some or ALL of their work at home, and according to Quartz, U.S. Census data indicates that 5.2% of U.S. workers worked from home in 2018 — that’s about 9 million people. Those who work from home on a regular basis say that it takes a lot of commitment, self-discipline, and saying “NO” to distractions.

If you are not used to working from home, below are some tips and recommendations to help you get adjusted and maximize your time. Because working from home can be stagnant, make sure you combine work with creative and athletic activities to help your mind and body stay healthy, positive and productive.

Make time for yourself before and after work: Putting a routine in place is great, but if you mix things up while maintaining a balanced diet, exercise and the occasional Netflix binge, things will flow much better when you’re trying to be productive.

Get up and get ready to start your day: Get up early in the morning as if you have to show up at work, but instead, show up for yourself! You are your own boss. Breathe, be grateful for the day and eat breakfast – very important.

Depending on your schedule and lifestyle, you can choose from the following:

a. If you like to eat breakfast first and then work out in the morning, make sure you put on your gear to set the tone. Set up your computer and desk and leave everything ready to go so you can exercise an hour after breakfast, and take a shower right after.

b. If you like to workout right after getting up, then you should workout, eat breakfast, set up your computer/desk and finish things off with a refreshing shower.

c. If you like to do your workout at night, that’s fine too! Still make sure to get your breakfast in, take a shower and get ready before sitting at your computer in the morning.

Getting ready means setting up the right mood and environment for you to feel good and be productive. If you work in PJ’s you might feel less creative and more cluttered, but if you are clean and awake, you’ll get things done more easily.

Pro Tip: Once in a while put jeans on, wear makeup, do your hair, wear a hat or put on your favorite jacket to make it fun!

Set up a coffee shop ambience: Once you start working and as you get into your daily groove, take note of what you like and what you feel is missing. Maybe throw on some music, serve yourself some coffee or tea and check in with your friends, take a selfie or share a picture of your current mood. The more you can feel disconnected from your bed, couch and TV, the better. This will increase your productivity, and your creative juices will start flowing.

Stick to a schedule: Set working hours for yourself and set some goals to accomplish during the day. If you create a daily routine that you can follow at least 70% of the time, that’s fantastic. It’s important that you can adjust your routine if necessary, just in case something comes up. Also, don’t try to do a thousand things in one day. If you have extracurricular work, try to focus on it after the time you have set aside for your main job. Always have a clear vision of your daily goals.

Self-discipline is very important. When you respect and empower yourself, you change your mindset to feel your accomplishments more powerfully, no matter how big or small. After work, you will feel more okay with watching TV and talking to your friends if you are fulfilled by what you achieve. Note: This is a process, so be patient and don’t be too hard on yourself along the way.

Switch up your workspace: Having a desk is awesome, but if you are a creative person, switching it up once in a while works wonders. Sitting on the couch, the floor, the balcony or the bed can be super productive when you’re feeling inspired.


-Avoid watching TV all day while working

-Limit social media, only use it a couple of times a day

-Take a few breaks from your computer and from working

-Make sure you have balanced meals and daily supplements or herbs

And here are some great activities:

-Make a vision board

-Get familiar with your finances

-Take an online class or go LIVE on Instagram

-Make a healthy meal or meal prep for the week

-Organize your room or do some small touch-ups in your home. Little projects can make a difference!

-Make a TikTok video and have fun!

Stay positive, healthy, safe and #stayhome.

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Written by Natalia Herrera for LATV Network. Follow her journey on IG @pinkafe.

For more tips on being a self made Jefa check out Natalie Torres as a special guest on Pinkafe!



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