latinx for black lives matter
latinx for black lives matter

How to Be an Effective Latinx Ally

Given this difficult time we face as a society, there are many things each of us in the Latinx community and beyond can do individually to help create everlasting change in the way we are governed. As a minority owned company, LATV Network stands proudly with those fighting injustice on the streets each day, peacefully protesting the rampant racial bias present in today’s police force.

For some, it can be hard to know where to start – but it’s important to start somewhere. So, here are a few things you can do from home that will make a difference.

1) Educate yourself. Change starts from within, so that we can then spread knowledge and empathy to those who may not be as informed. In order to spread the right message, it’s important to get educated on the history and context of this movement. Here are some sites where you can find educational tools:

Check Your Privilege

No White Saviors

Layla Saad

The Great Unlearn

2) Donate to organizations making a difference. If you are financially able, it is important to donate to charities and organizations that are helping realign the government’s priorities and dismantling racial bias in our police force. Here are some amazing charities that could use your help:

Black Visions Collective

The Bail Project

Black Lives Matter

Peoples City Council Freedom Fund

Campaign Zero

3) Check in on your black friends and family. It’s important to check in. This one small gesture can make a world of difference during a time like this.

4) Avoid sharing traumatic content. There is enough of this carelessly on display in the news media. Regardless of whether you have good intentions, you must keep in mind that it can be both traumatic and triggering for black people to see images of their brothers and sisters being abused at the hands of our police force. Avoid sharing these videos and images as it can contribute to the dehumanization of black people across the country.

5) Keep supporting after the outrage. This one is absolutely crucial. In order to break the cycle of violence, we must continue to support black media, black initiatives, and charitable organizations. Our voices must continue to be heard! Make the effort to do something valuable over a long term period.




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