How Tik Tok Has Made Me Skinnier

Okay, I caved – I’ll admit it. I downloaded Tik Tok a few weeks ago and yesterday I spent eighty minutes in my bathroom recording the #rockstarchallenge and I didn’t even post the right take. My video got 192 views and 10 likes from the TikTok multiverse and I feel good about that. I can’t feel most things anymore because my new kitten and my girlfriend have been yelling at me for fifty days straight in quarantine, but those 10 likes made me feel something – and like I said, that feeling was good.

So here’s the deal – Tik Tok has overtaken Instagram as the go-to app for a good time on social media. Even as a 28-year-old millennial, I find myself using Tik Tok more than I use Instagram – which hasn’t been good for business – I digress. As someone of Latinx descent, it has been both inspiring and enlightening to see so many brown people performing incredible dance moves, comedy routines, and viral voice overs on the short form video content app. As such, I decided to start creating content myself – and it has been a whirlwind.

The reason Tik Tok has blown up is due in part to its ease of use. The app is super intuitive, offers dozens of customizable features, and lets you edit your video seamlessly without any added software. Furthermore, a large portion of the app is based on music – and who doesn’t love music? It gives people the perfect starting point to get involved. Lastly, the algorithm gives everyone a fair shake. Unlike Instagram, which is skewed toward sharing content with you from advertisers and followers you’ve chosen, Tik Tok puts you in constant discovery mode. Each published video is pushed out to a few different users on the platform, and based on how well it does in the beginning, that video’s popularity could surge quickly. It gives people incentive to be creative, original, and authentic – unlike Instagram, which has become more of a marketing tool.

Okay – enough small talk – I know you want to know. Here’s how Tik Tok has made me skinnier:

1) Due to the fact that new content is always fresh and never ends, I don’t feel the need to exit the app – ever! On Instagram, I eventually get bored and have seen enough. With Tik Tok, there is never enough. When I’m overtired and start thinking about why an octopus has three hearts with eight legs, Tik Tok is firing on all cylinders. When I get in the shower even though I don’t feel like getting wet but my scalp is itchy, Tik Tok is there for me. Even when I remember that coconuts are more dangerous than sharks, Tik Tok never lets me down. Because of all this commotion in my head, I forget to eat – so I get skinnier.

2) The dances are not easy. There is no way to be casual about creating Tik Tok content – you’ll never make it to the top. You have to move like your life depends on it. I spend an hour on choreo before I even THINK about recording and saving drafts. Same goes with lip syncing or anything comedic – practice makes perfect. Because I am a perfectionist, I forget to eat after my adrenaline rush, and I get skinnier.

3) There is always a call to action. You can’t sit on Tik Tok without getting inspired – and that inspiration can lead to the creation of new content in real time. Unlike Instagram, where an idea usually takes some planning, the spontaneity of Tik Tok can be both exciting and merciless. It will suck you in like a Dyson vacuum, and hold you there like a Dyson dust filter. This article is unfortunately not sponsored by Dyson. So while my soul is being sucked Dyson-style, I lose track of time and forget to eat, and then I get skinnier. Dyson, give us a call.

Has Tik Tok sucked your soul yet? Let us know in the comments below.




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