How Norman Lear Supports Latinx Talent in Hollywood

If someone had told me that a 97 year old (white) Hollywood producer was going to be one of the biggest advocates for Latinx talent in the entertainment industry, I would have immediately raised my left eyebrow and said “not a chance” in my “Mean Girls” voice. Yet here I am, acknowledging how the legendary Norman Lear has done exactly that!

The Hollywood mogul (who even has a building at Sony named after him) has been, along with executive producer Brent Miller, one of the biggest advocates for the Latin community with the remake of One Day at a Time, bringing Latina Gloria Calderon-Kellet on board as EP and showrunner to do this reprise about a Latinx family.

This show (the first 3 seasons were on Netflix, now it’s on Pop TV) was one of the pioneers of portraying a Latin family as a “typical” American family; meaning, there are no drug lords, maids or undocumented workers involved…which are the classic storylines Latinx actors usually get.

So…don’t miss season 4 of this groundbreaking show on Pop TV! Check out the trailer below, and let us know if you’ve seen the first three seasons in the comments.

Photos by Robert Trachtenberg for Variety



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