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Houseparty: The Must-Have Quarantine App

Move over FaceTime – Houseparty is back and it’s better than ever (with new games)! Although this video chatting platform was released years ago, it has suddenly made a massive resurgence due in large part to the COVID-19 quarantine. And if you’ve already run out of things to do at home like many of us have, this is the perfect remedy.

“Houseparty isn’t technologically groundbreaking, but it lends itself well to low-key, organic, face-to-face chats. It’s designed to be easy for you to start chatting to someone you’d never suggest a FaceTime with—as though you were making the rounds at a house party (get it?)” says Marie Claire. Basically, once you add a friend on Houseparty and you’re both “in the house” at the same time, the app will automatically pair you in a chatroom with that friend. Then, it will alert your other friends that you are “in the house,” and up to 8 friends total can instantly enjoy face-time without ever using FaceTime.

Houseparty also makes it easy to make new friends. As long as you are friends with at least one person in any given chatroom, you are eligible to join that room and make upto 6 brand new friends! At a time like this when social distancing is encouraged and human contact is limited, making new friends has been one of the hardest things to do – until Houseparty saved the day.

And if all this isn’t enough – Houseparty has four great games to enjoy. There’s trivia, Heads Up, a drawing game, and a highly addictive game called Chips and Guac that’s similar to Cards Against Humanity. The app has an interface comparable to Snapchat and is pretty user friendly, but there are various tutorials online in case you need any help getting started.

So, if you value your health but still want to kick it with your homies, Houseparty is the magic sauce we’ve all been waiting for. Oh, and I forgot to mention – it’s free! Download it on the app store and let us know what you think in the comments below…



Remember it’s important to keep yourself and those at most risk safe from the Coronavirus. Find out what you can do below!



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