McDonald’s®️ HACER®️ National Scholarship and LATV Network Virtual Panel is a roundtable that will feature Latino professionals, experts and past HACER®️ winners to provide career advice, discuss educational opportunities and scholarship information.

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About HACER®

Since 1985, HACER®️ has helped Latinos achieve their dreams of going to college. Because of everything that’s going on in the world, “la lucha” (the struggle) is greater than ever. And that means it’s time to hacer más (to do more). This applies not only to the students and their direct supporters, but to the brand itself. This year McDonald’s is going to do more to help Latinos go even further; for themselves, for their people and for their culture. Because this is the moment to HACER®️ MÁS. In September, McDonald’s announced an additional $500K in HACER®️ scholarships. The HACER®️ More Scholarship, an extension of the HACER®️ National Scholarship, was created to help more students (100 more scholarships to be exact) pursue college degrees despite the current crisis and its financial impact on Hispanic families. These scholarship winners will be announced in late October/early November.

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