p&g estamos unidos dad playing with son
p&g estamos unidos dad playing with son

P&G Leads with Love and Support During Hispanic Heritage Month

The Hispanic Heritage Month celebration continues by echoing our culture and recognizing the achievements of millions of Latinos who leave their mark in the United States every day.

Bruno from the hub on latv with the hispanic star logo and the proctor & gamble logo
Bruno from The Hub on LATV talks about essential Latino heroes.

Our friends at Procter & Gamble (P&G) (makers of Tide detergent, Bounty paper towels, and Crest toothpaste) are stepping up to be a force for good in the Hispanic community alongside the We Are All Human’s Hispanic Star unification platform, which is intended to bring together Hispanics from all backgrounds in order to accelerate their progress in America. This is particularly important during the COVID-19 era, as many of us are being disproportionately impacted. To help support this effort, P&G is moving forward with a collective Time of Action, supported with a heartwarming film titled, “Estamos Unidos.” The name makes reference to the name of our country, the United States, but in Spanish – Estados Unidos – conveying a compelling message about working together to provide urgent help to those who need it most.

More than 80% percent of the Latino working class are working outside of their homes providing essential services during the coronavirus pandemic that help keep our country going, making it challenging to protect themselves and their families. Many are becoming true heroes in action and risking their lives to keep things running. 

That’s why our hosts at The Hub, Natasha and Bruno, have recently shifted their focus from celebs to highlight these local heroes in their “Checkin’ for You” segment, commenting on the value they bring to the Hispanic community just by showing up every day. We celebrate Gemma and Soledad, who are featured on this segment, and all of the essential workers who are true heroes in this time of crisis.

Gemma Marin, a nurse who is working on the frontlines while raising two kids at home, always looks stylish in her outfit of the day. That’s because she’s been rocking her scrubs every day since March — and she does it with class.

Girlboss Soledad Rocha is a micro-business owner who is crushing it by keeping fellow essential workers at the metro station in downtown Los Angeles fed. She’s also a mom who’s putting food on her children’s table and supporting them as they go to college.

Now more than ever, our voices must be heard. This is particularly important during Hispanic Heritage Month. For more information and to learn more about ways you can help, please visit hispanicstar.org.

We’ll continue to support families in need because “we don’t win this alone; we win this together,” like the P&G + Hispanic Star campaign, “Estamos Unidos,” conveys.

Check out the Estamos Unidos film:



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