Henry and Meghan are Divorcing The Royal Family

Bravo, Henry and Meghan for getting out of a toxic relationship!

If you have seen the previous seasons of “The Crown”, you probably know by now that the British Royal family has more drama than the 23 seasons of “The Bachelor” combined. Under that dull-aristocratic look, their life is a soap opera millions of people around the world are addicted to. That’s why Harry and Meghan decided to step out of that train and go as far as possible. And they pissed off a lot of people by doing so; the Queen, for starters.

But not only the Queen and the entire Royal family; there has been a lot of backlash from the British press about this decision because now they will be missing their easy target for their crappy so-called “journalism”, so I applaud them. Enough is enough and even though Henry and Meghan were in a golden cage…a cage is a cage. And the other birds in that cage were bullying them. So I’m happy the two lovebirds decided it was time to break free and nest across the ocean instead.

Surprisingly, the other “offended” group are the brits! I’m especially shocked by that because I come from a country where the Royal Crown is basically a joke and no one really cares about what they do or don’t do (unless they use taxpayer money on illicit activities, which some of them have done…). So, if I were to hear that King Felipe and Letizia wanted to move to the Congo, I would say, “please, be my guest” and I would gladly point them in the right direction.  But, in the UK, the Crown is still a reputable institution that people look up to and the general public seems betrayed for what “this American woman” has done to Henry. They call this the “Megxit”.

There are different theories about why they made the decision and the announcement the way they did. First off, there was constant criticism by the press since they announced their engagement. How come someone from royal blood was marrying a “black-american-b-list-actress” who happened to be a divorcee on top of that? And the harassment continued until now, after which the couple decided they will no longer be the punching bag for the relief of their family.

Another theory is that the couple wants to be financially independent, and the Royal Family should be happy about that. Harry and Meghan plan to gain their own income separate from the crown, but still seem dedicated to honoring the queen. Seems like a win-win to me. But the family doesn’t seem happy even though they will save some $$$ a year. You know what they say, “quien paga, manda,” so by not paying them, they won’t have that much power over the couple, which I think is what this is all about: power.



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