Hector Duran and Humberto Guida on Checkitow
Hector Duran and Humberto Guida on Checkitow

Hector Duran of Netflix Hit Space Force Tells All

Space Force debuted on Netflix last week and has been the number one rated show on the streaming platform almost every day since then. While the show was not big with critics (those curmudgeons) it scored huge with audiences.

Both the star and executive producer Steve Carrell and writer Greg Daniels sought to recapture their glory from The Office days, and while many were worried Carrell would be playing a version of Michael Scott….again…the reality is this new character is angrier and more resolute.

What’s truly incredible is how they got this show developed and produced so quickly. The idea came when President Donald Trump announced the formation of a new military branch – the Space Force. With The Office’s contract with Netflix nearing its run, Carrell wanted to get a new show in production to carry on the comedic momentum.

Now on the latest episode of Checkitow, I welcome one of the scene-stealing actors from Space Force, Hector Duran. You might know him from his starring role in McFarland, USA. And aside from being one of the most positive spirits you’ll ever meet, Hector also has the inside scoop on how this hit new series came to life. Checkitow…



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