Gucci Mane's chain that says "ice daddy" on it
Gucci Mane's chain that says "ice daddy" on it

Gucci Mane’s $2.5 Million Dollar 22 Pound Chain

Gucci Mane blinded his IG followers this Christmas after posting the gift his wife got him a $2.5 Million Dollar chain made up of over 20 pounds of ice! His wife Keyshia gifted the chain to Gucci Mane and it reads “Ice Daddy” because of course their son’s name is Ice Davis. TMZ reports that inside sources tell them the piece is made up of 540 carats of diamonds and is a 3 piece ser from Pristine Jewelers in NYC. The question is, is this the most expensive chain in the game? Also, what’s Gucci Mane’s net worth now? It’s got to be at worth at least more than several other rappers.

The couple also got gifts from celebrities such as Beyonce, who stopped by Tiffany’s and dropped $250 on a silver spoon for young Ice.


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