Get it Right! Día de Los Muertos vs. Halloween

The end of October marks two major events: ‘Día de Los Muertos’ and ‘Halloween’. Both celebrations have been widely misinterpreted for many years.

There’s always been a controversy, regarding these celebrations. From misconceptions of The Mexican Halloween to Witchcraft activities for Halloween. Ironically both are worth celebrating and we Latinx have got it right infusing both of them year after year.

Pero… It’s worth understanding both celebrations back-story so we can keep sharing them with future generations and even deepening our traditions.

So, let’s approach it from the root to understand how these two events are related from an energy standpoint. In Astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs… These 12 personalities are spread throughout the 12 months of the year. Therefore, what a casualty that the sign that belongs to late October/Mid November – exactly around the date of these events- is SCORPIO- the sign of Death and rebirth, which represents our darkness and the hidden side in all of us.

Entonces, starting from there… We have huge energy flows from the dark side and the underworld that gives space to ‘Halloween’ and ‘Día de Los Muertos’ Holidays- as well as to our own dark side and family ancestors.

Ahora por partes….

El ‘Día de Los Muertos’, is a holiday that honors and celebrates la Muerte as part of the natural cycle of life, rather than mourning. The celebration started in Mexico and it combines the Nov. 1 holiday, ‘Día de Los Santos’, with the Nov. 2 holiday, ‘Día de las Almas’, remembering both children and adults who have passed- Energía Scorpio full on.

We place pictures of our loved ones and their favorite things on the altar, honoring them, celebrating the lives they led, and calling them back to us to receive their blessings.


‘Halloween’ developed from traditions in Europe, including roots of the ancient Celtic festival ‘Samhain’, and was transported to the United States. This celebration takes place on Oct. 31 and is a way to celebrate the paranormal and our darkest wishes- including the afterlife. After all, this is the one day when you can really experiment with your most inner wishes and desires into the outside world- Hola Escorpio.

Human shape it’s momentary and just like the zodiac energy, there are many influences moving us that we don’t see.

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Here’s a little sneak peak of this years 2019 #diadelosmuertos 💀🍂 Honoring the sacred migrations and paying tribute to our loved ones that have departed 🕊 This year I wanted to incorporate Real #pandemuerto very tricky to work with , but I made it work and it looks stunning and incredibly amazing. Gracias to @lamonarcabakery for providing the Pan de Muerto ✨. Florals: Cempasuchíl floresitas flowers are the staple of this headpiece I wanted to work with oranges , golds and some browns to represent the blooming #pandemuerto . Monarcas : Butterflies 🦋 you can see some beautiful almost real butterflies on some areas of the headpiece. One of them is in the front of my forehead. This is an emotional personal meaning to me . Since the passing of my abuelita last March I have encountered numerous amount of butterflies. Many that have been so close to me and have stood on my head and one close to my forehead… I immediately wanted to bring back this moment and incorporated into this look. Makeup : I love painting and illustrating intricate details onto my designs so I wanted to make sure to add this touch to my makeup this year . I use only makeup ( not professional makeup) makeup you can find at your nearest store or online . Or even makeup you already have , it’s all about being creative and thinking outside the box . For the orange eyeshadow I use @morphebrushes eyeshadow and @colourpopcosmetics gold eyeshadow Black eyeliner : I use @sweetstreetcosmetics and @colourpopcosmetics black lipstick Lipstick : @kyliecosmetics Jewels : @swarovski Eyelashes: @shopvioletvoss I will be sharing more images throughout the week of my full headpiece, wardrobe and makeup – stay tuned ✨ Also , this year I’ll be one of the guest judge for @hwdforever #diadelosmuertos contest ⚡️🍂 I’m so excited to judge and bring you the most creative and authentic contestants for this years 2019 event going down this Saturday. Tix are available at their link @hwdforever . See you soon! Photo by : @carlos_ponce_ Makeup / headpiece @raggedytiff @yosoy.jessicaresendiz #diadelosmuertos #amoreterno19 #calacas #monarca #dayofthedead #cempasuchil #pandemuerto #mybeautifulculture

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We dream of immortality but the truth is that just like ‘Día de Los Muertos’ teaches us, life is a cycle that we must honor and accept. And why not embrace each ‘Halloween’ honoring our ancestors and accepting our life cycle!



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