get duked! cast
get duked! cast

“Get Duked” A Hilarious Buddy Comedy on Amazon

Did you know that the Duke of Edinburgh, aka Prince Philip, created an outdoor program as a way for each participant to set individual goals for personal improvement and growth? I can hardly imagine Prince Philip or anyone from the Royal family camping outside of Buckingham Palace, but he encouraged youth to do it!

And that’s the premise of this hilarious coming of age comedy of three terrible students who are forced to take this trip as a way to redeem themselves in school and not get expelled because they blew up a toilet with fireworks…among other things. Eager to cut loose and smoke weed in the Scottish Highlands, the trio finds themselves paired with straight-laced Ian, a fellow camper determined to play by the rules. Then, the movie takes a turn I didn’t expect at all. It becomes supernatural. After veering off-path into remote farmland that’s worlds away from their urban comfort zone, the boys find themselves hunted down by a shadowy force…the Duke’s spirit. Maybe it’s all the drugs they take in the middle of nowhere…maybe not. In any case, it’s a hilarious comedy with surprises around every corner.

After seeing the movie, all I wanted was to learn their Scottish accent, so I asked the cast for help. Check it out:



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