Gentefied Star J.J. Soria Peels Off Layers of Trauma

On the latest episode of the Checkitow Podcast, we talk Gentefied – the original series on Netflix that is breaking all kinds of barriers. Currently, it’s the most successful Latinx-led series streaming today. And its leading man, J.J. Soria, who so often played a tough guy, opens up about his personal journey as a child raised by a single mother. He delves into what he had to overcome, including a major head injury and being a survivor of sexual assault.

We also get into his experience behind the scenes of the Gentefied set. Plus, we finally get the inside scoop on what Felipe Esparza does to prepare (or not prepare) before their big scenes together. Check it out, it’s J.J. Soria on an all new episode of Checkitow:



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