2020 Christmas Memes to Enjoy

‘Tis the season to be jolly fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-laaaah. Doesn’t the holiday season just make you feel joyful? Well, this season is going to be a bit different as we prepare to stay at home and stay safe in quarantine with our families.

We get it, 2020 Christmas season will be unlike any other: no holiday traveling, no family gatherings, no last-minute Christmas shopping at the stores for 25+ people on your list. However, we will do the best to bring joy and fun to you as we navigate through these Holiday times.

First things first – the memes. We’ve gathered a list of the best and funniest memes you’ll see out there en esta Navidad. Check them out below. And, YES.. we still want you to wear a mask.

We’re so sad el Burrito Sabanero will take a detour.

Even though Rudolph the reindeer is debating whether or not he’ll be delivering presents.

We all have that uncle….

And also that tía….

All of us have been quarantined in 2020, what do you expect?!

No comments….

At least you can cuddle with your boo this time!

And stock up on TP, in a normal way…

Please be mindful of what you spend while you’re at home… Especially on that light bill!

Until next Christmas… stay safe!



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