a pumpkin shaped mug with coffee in it
a pumpkin shaped mug with coffee in it

Friendsgiving 2020: Keeping it Safe and Fun

It’s Thanksgiving week, familia! Whether you’re celebrating the holiday with family at home or virtually with friends, Friendsgiving means one thing: food and drinks! 

But before you get straight to cooking and head over to your friend’s house, take note of the following tips and ideas to make sure you have a wonderful, but safe holiday weekend. 

We really want to encourage you to stay home and celebrate with your household members and host your dinner virtually. Did you know that Zoom is lifting its 40-minute limit on Thanksgiving to motivate you to get in front of your computer?! Consider having some fun with your Friendsgiving decor, stick to the fall palette, but spice it up with something a little more light-hearted and fun. So, when is Friendsgiving? That’s totally up to you! Some people do it before Thanksgiving, and some people do it after to make sure they get a good second wind on their thanksgiving leftovers.

According to the CDC. celebrating virtually or with the people you live with is the safest choice this Thanksgiving. However, if you must go out and attend a gathering, we’re sharing a few options for you to keep it safe for your loved ones. 

  • Take it outdoors: Depending on where you live, you can find a local park or beach where you can host a gathering outdoors. 
  • BYOB: Bring your own best dish and have your own table set up.
  • No double-dipping: If you do happen to share any dish, have only one person —who’s wearing a mask— handling the food.
  • Keep the air flowing: Use fans and open windows to make sure the air is not getting stuck inside. 
  • Have a cap on the number of guests: Please don’t have everybody and their abuela show up.
  • When coordinating the dinner details, set the expectations for your guests so everyone is on the same page. (Have the scheduled Zoom link ready just in case). 
  • Set a reminder every hour for everyone to sanitize hands and clean surfaces. Make it a game. Every time someone says a word or something… you know the drill. 

If you do decide to go virtual (yay), here are some activities that will be helpful.

  • Cook together: Let’s face it – by now, we should all be used to opening our Facetime and Zoom screens, so just bring your laptop to the kitchen and share your skills.  
  • Play the gratitude game: get some paper out, download your thoughts, then share them with each other! 

Remember this is the time to appreciate and be grateful for friends and family and what a better way to protect them than hosting a safe dinner. 

In case you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, please follow the travel restrictions  by de CDC before you go.



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