Fresh Prince reunion
Fresh Prince reunion

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Cast Makes Amends

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air family reunion keeps getting bigger! The highly anticipated HBO Max return of the popular sitcom brought in a few more familiar faces that excited an eagerly waiting audience.

The show’s incredible staying power has garnered fans across each subsequent generation since its release. What some of today’s fans may not know, is that there was some serious tension between cast members Janet Hubert and Will Smith. It has been 30 years after all.

Janet Hubert, who played the original Aunt Viv, was going through an abusive marriage while filming the early seasons of the show. The negative toll the relationship had on her eventually made it to set, and developed friction between cast members like Smith. She became labeled as being “difficult to work with,” which she describes as a “kiss of death” for Black women in Hollywood. Her departure led to actress Daphne Maxwell Reid taking on the role of the Banks family matriarch, who also faced backlash from some of the show’s diehard fans.

As they say, time heals all wounds. Before the special aired, Smith reached out to Hubert, and the two of them sat down to hash out their past differences. After nearly 27 years of not speaking to one another, the two shared a warm embrace. Hubert also met Reid for the first time at the reunion, showing nothing but class and true bonding over the character’s shared legacy.

There’s nothing but love between the Banks family members. Smith and Hubert showed us it’s never too late rebuild relationships, and to be sensitive to other’s experiences outside of any professional setting.

“The Fresh Prince” will also return in a more dramatic reboot in the near future, which looks to make a serious pairing with HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us.



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