Sadio Mané wearing a medal
Sadio Mané wearing a medal

Footballer Builds Hospital in Home Village

April 10th was Sadio Mané’s birthday. The Liverpool striker from Senegal is one of the most dominant players in the Premier League with 14 goals in 26 appearances on the season. He’s helped Liverpool reach a historic first-place lead while accomplishing feats such as scoring his 100th goal in English football on this beauty below…

But with all his success in professional football, Mané has never forgotten about his roots. He comes from the remote village of Bambali where there are few buildings and little access to much else. Last year, Mané spent over £250,000 to build a new school in Bambali. Now the homegrown superstar looks to build a hospital.

In the new documentary, Sadio Mané: Made in Senegal, the footballer explains that losing his father as a child due to the lack of medical resources in his village motivated him to build the hospital. Recently Mané, has also donated 41,000 pounds to Senegal’s Government to aid the fight against Coronavirus. Happy Birthday Sadio, and thank you for always repping where you came from – you are an inspiration to us all.



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