Five Dope (and Diverse) Instagram Artist Pages To Follow

As the high energies of the world continue their march, how about a little artistic diversion? Below is a list of five diverse artists who are not only diverse racially and ethnically, but also in terms of their artistic style. I think their pages are worth a peep. Check it out:

Kip Omolade

Harlem-based painter and sculptor Kip Omolade began his art career as a graffiti artist while interning at Marvel Comics and The Center for African Art. Now he is known for chrome sculptors and oil paintings – psychological studies that investigate immortality, the universal masks we all wear and contemporary notions of beauty and luxury. The portraits historically connect to ancient, realistic African sculptures such as Benin ivory masks and Ife bronze heads.

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Prints for sale. Check link in bio.

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Multimedia artist Pix3lface is a wild man. He looks like a younger, skinnier Slash. And his veracious, culture-cannibalizing digital masterpieces churn glitch graphics and pop iconography through an tactical electric blade. The result is visuals that are not just eye opening, they are eye gouging (in a good way, if that’s possible).

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🚧🤡🚧 face filters 🚧🤡🚧

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Mimi Choi  

Makeup artist Mimi Choi is not your typical makeup artist. She is an illusionist that has created some of the most mind-boggling effects using just her face and makeup, with no use of photoshop or any editing software. Mimi suffers from sleep paralysis – a condition in which her mind is conscious, but her body becomes temporarily unresponsive while waking. During these bouts, she experiences vivid and often frightening visions which have inspired many of her more morbid and distorted facial creations.


Carlos Luna James, aka MGOGLKTKO, is a Mexican multimedia artist who uses science fiction, fantasy, culture and technology to explore the nuances of perception of virtual and physical space. By merging sculpture, video projection, animation, and sound, his nonlinear storytelling creates immersive experiences straight out of a DMT trip.


Asian-American Graffiti artist, calligrapher, and painter Sauter, aka Sauteezy “the Killer’s Killer” is the most outlaw member of this list. He is best known for hitting up Hollywood billboards with his signature lettering. His illegal artworks have spanned highway signs and train stops across the globe. His identity remains unknown to the public due to the nature and scope of his renegade artworks.



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