First ever LGBTQ+ Film Produced in Panama “Todos Cambiamos” Tackles Transgender Life

In honor of Trans Awareness Month, this past Sunday Nov 24th, there was a special screening of EVERYBODY CHANGES (Todos Cambiamos) at The Montalban theater in Hollywood,  followed by an intimate Q&A panel with the director, producer, & cast moderated by Enrique Sapene from LATV’s LGBTQ+ talk show The Q Agenda. This LGBTQ+ film is Panama’s official foreign film selection for the upcoming Academy Awards & Golden Globes.

Why is this movie so relevant right now? Because it’s time for acceptance, people. You don’t have to agree with it, you just have to respect it. That’s what the LGBTQ+ community and this movie has been trying to express for the longest time. EVERYBODY CHANGES is based on a true story about Federico and Carol, who are loving parents raising 3 children in a conservative town in Panama. When Federico decides to go through a gender reassignment his choice tests the love (and strength) of the family and initially creates a wedge between them, but ultimately his transgender journey brings them closer together. The family then struggles to remain united in a society that ostracizes them…

“This is the very first LGTBQ+ film produced in Panama and selected to represent our country for the Academy Awards and Golden Globes. Its production has not been an easy ride as many right-wing groups have tried to boycott the film. We even had bomb threats during its release,” said Producer, Gina Cochez.

The film stars Arantxa de Juan as Federico, the transgender father, and Gaby Gnazzo who stars as his wife Carol. The movie counts with transgender cast as well, Cherry Miko who plays Malai, Federico’s friend who helps her transition.

After the movie there was a Q&A with Arturo Montenegro (writer/director), Gina Fasrup (producer), Felipe Rosario (actor), Queen Victoria Ortega representing FLUX and Enrique Sapene as moderator (Host of The Q Agenda). After the Q&A was a private dinner that counted with the presence of big trans advocates such as Carmen Carrera, Juliana Joel, Toni Directs and Melissa BeFierce.

Don’t miss this beautiful movie with this powerful message; dare to be you, don’t let society tell you who you are. Only you have the permission to do that.

Watch the trailer for Todos Cambiamos below.



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